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Basic bladesmithing

I have been getting alot of requests of late to teach people how to make their own knives.I have taught many already but have now decided I will start teaching basic bladesmithing on weekends from my shop. I will be charging 175.00 per student max of 3-4  for the weekend class which includes both saturday and sunday and they will be long days. Contact me for further details
click on the link below to send me an e-mail. I am located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Huntington Ctr
Class is open and ready to go. We will be using a standard coal forge for the class and I have my twin Hay Budden anvils and one other to work on. We will also be using my air hammer for some of the work. If you wish to learn basic blacksmithing I can also do that for the same price.

I currently have my shop up in Buels Gore on the mountain side

HotAnvil Forge

JT and his knife he made

The knife itself

sand a little more here sand a little more there/When does the sanding end

Big knife for the first one

He returns for another session

Rob doing some file work for his blade

Robs blade

A little better pic of Robs blade/He did a great job

The pics below are of Ridge and the knives made by his Dad.He went hunting this year and got his first buck on Youth day and it was a good one for a first deer.The knives are made from forge welded steel cable and the handles are from a deer shoulder bone. 

This is a knife made made by his Dad/ a gift for Christmas

The Christmas gift :-)

Dads knife

The pair

Like I said a real nice buck

Crank that blower!!!! kuba's second time here

This is Rob forging his blade after welding up some cable

Rob hand sanding

The forged blades from that weekends class